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Kathryn is a Sydney based fashion stylist with an impressive creative portfolio over her 5 years experience both in Australia and the UK. Having completed a Bachelor degree in media and communications Kathryn worked in television and film before finding her true calling fashion. Moving to London in 2012 Kathryn quickly honed her skills working for celebrity stylist Dean Hau who's clientele included Leona Lewis. Kathryn returned home to Sydney and built a strong network and reputation. Kathryn provides a holistic service ranging from both fashion and set sourcing to shoot styling for full scale productions. Kathryn has worked with widely known clients including being a stylist on X Factor in 2016 and working with a variety of celebrities both on magazine shoots and music videos. Kathryn has a good relationship with PR firms and leading designers across Australia and always has the look out for up and coming trends and designers.

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